Raffy Obrera
Monday, February 9, 2004

On Saturday, February 7, 2004, the sidewalks of Belleville, NJ were still covered with dirty white snow accumulated by the past winter storms. The chilly weather and cloudy sky required us to wear two layers of garments to protect us from the coldness of the day as we were heading towards the venue of our 2000 Hail Marys at the residence of Ramon and Zita L.

We started the initial prayers at around 9:45 AM and as soon as Maris led the Luminous Mystery of the Rosary, the sun shone and Maris experienced the manifestation of the light that brightened the whole page of the prayer guide. Her gift of tears started to manifest. Simultaneously, the sun also brightened the guide that I was holding in a very special way because it only highlighted these words, “…the gospel of God. “This is the time of fulfillment.” This manifestation convinced me that Mama Mary was already with us.

After a 10-minute break, I led the first 100 Hail Marys followed by Gary I. then Jun I., who at the middle of his prayers started to reverse the prayer sequence by starting with “Holy Mary…” instead of the usual “Hail Mary…” We followed the prayer flow but everyone, caught by surprise, started looking at each other. At this time, Jun stopped for a moment; asked for an apology and started sharing the white angelic wings that he saw during the process. We continued with the prayers after this brief testimony.

On the 6th petition, Zita L. stammered and could not hold the flowing of tears down her cheeks. She testified later that she felt as if she was fainting; saw darkness that eventually opened up for a bright light.

It was Lani’s turn to lead the 7th petition. She passed by, thru Melba N.’s invitation, with the intention to just come, see and leave anytime she wants. But she just barely started when her gift of tears interrupted the prayers. Thanks to other prayer warriors, who continued the prayers every time she could not continue. This situation repeated many times till the end of the 100th Hail Mary. With joy, she shared about the continuous appearance of Mama Mary. Lani and husband, Joe, didn’t go home early but stayed with us till everybody retired for the night.

At around 4 PM, Maris requested to be excused because of her scheduled duty in the hospital. As expected, I had to drive her home and as we exited out from the house, we saw the previous cloudy sky to be so bright and clear. We drove home but as we turned right to Greylock Parkway, we saw the shining beauty of the dancing sun, which we relayed immediately to Melba. Accordingly, everybody saw the marvelous beauty of the sun manifesting Mama Mary’s blue color at the center. For the meantime, Maris called her work office to confirm if she was really working for that day and to her expectations, her duty was cancelled. In a short while, we returned back and rejoined the prayer warriors.

Francia E. was gifted with tears of faith and joy when she led the 14th petition but she wasn’t able to share what she experienced because she had to report to work. The following day, she recalled that the petition was a prayer for families and it really touched her.

The 2000 Hail Marys ended at around 8:00 PM. After which, we had the mass officiated by Fr Manny, who expounded about discipleship in his homily --- a homily that focused on KLOSE. K stands for KNOWLEDGE about the Lord. L for LOVE that makes us love and understand the Lord. O for OBEDIENCE that leads us to be humble in everything we do and S for the acknowledgment of SINFULNESS, which reminds us to repent and seek the grace of the Lord thru the E, which is the EUCHARIST.

The fellowship and merrymaking started at around 9:30 PM where everyone shared their respective experiences about the 2000 Hail Marys. We praise and thank the Lord for the blessings and the manifestations of His power to all of us present.

The following day, Rudy Aldea called me inquiring about the requirements on how to join our group. With joy, I told him, “Nothing but prayers.” Thus, he gave me his phone number for future coordination.

Reflecting back, the first reading during the mass was Isaiah 6:1-2a,3-8 which has to do with Jun I’s vision of angelic wings and the gospel reading (Luke 5:1-11), which has a connection to what was highlighted in my prayer guide, “…the gospel of God. “This is the time of fulfillment.”

Peace, Love and Joy reigns!

(Note: Above testimonies of people are written as understood by the writer.)

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