Danny and Cora Labung
Monday, March 22, 2004

Let us share with you our recent encounter with the power of Intercession.

We praise and thank the Lord for the successful operation of our Dear Intercessor Ding De Borja Jr.

I (Danny) went home past 10:00 PM on Saturday (3/20/04) from the BLD Youth LSS at La Consolata in Somerset, when I received a call from Ding.

I told him I was surprised to hear him talk because I though he just had an operation for a growth in his throat.

Ding said that his doctors warned him to expect severe pain after the operation. His operation was early in the morning and he was calling me late at night and despite the fact that he has not taken medication at all, he does not feel any pain. We praise and thank the Lord for His many miracles in our lives. Ding thanks all those who has prayed and continue to pray for Him especially those who spent hours in prayer during the previous Sunday for the 2000 Hail Mary's in devotion to Our Lady of Manaog.

Ding and those of us who were part of the 2000 Hail Mary's attribute this miracle to our Lord Jesus and to the power of Intercession of our Blessed Mother. On short notice many of Ding's friends mainly BLD prayed 2000 Hail Mary's "http://twoheartsnj.net/2000hailmarys/2000hailmarys.asp" at his Home on Sunday (3/14/04).

Many experienced visions; Ding and Emma saw visions of two big hearts over the sun, some saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove behind the statue of the Lady of Manoag, others saw the vision of the dancing sun after reciting the "Divine Mercy" prayer at 3:00 pm. Jun Isidro saw unusual rays of the sun descend on Ding's house as he was driving towards it. Many other signs and visions were experienced. We lifted up many who wanted to be prayed for including petitions from the BLD community. The petitions in the basket were burned as we lifted the petitions during the Mass.

Visions or not we all experienced peace, love and joy from our merciful Lord and Savior thru the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

God Bless

Danny & Cora

P. S.

Please continue to pray for the Lambs of the upcoming LSS#22 preferably by name(separate earlier e-mail). Please also pray for the LSS co-shepherds especially for your classmates of ME#15 who are 1st time co-shepherds.

We also praise and thank the Lord for the powerful sharing of Thomas Pattugalan Jr. (son of Tom and Emmy) yesterday at the YLSS. Indeed many were deeply touched especially the youth (no-one had a dry pair of eyes). Indeed the Lord shows us His power of forgiveness and redeeming love.

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