Danny and Cora Labung
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dearest Raffy and Maris, Art and Melba, Frank and Malou and our 2000 HailMarys Devotees,

Thanks be to God for allowing us to serve Him in bringing people to pray the 2000 HailMarys last Sunday, Sept 17, 2006 ...the first 2000 HailMarys in Fresno, CA was launched! Thanks for your prayers and support. It was highly spirited one. There were over 60 people that were drawn into prayers. They were all in awe and in tears esp after witnessing the many signs and manifestations, healings, visions, and most esp the miracle of the dancing sun after the divine mercy. There were many manifestations on the statue of our Lady simultaneous with the dancing sun ... around her face and crown had purple haze, her crown sparkled bright and the rhinestones turned like big jewels, Danny saw that the Divine Mercy picture turned into the Eucharist. One of them saw the Divine Mercy picture much bigger than the actual size, one saw a vision of a red heart, we're sure there were many more. What a blessing to have ended it with a Mass and to our surprise the priest (Caucasian) cooperated with our traditional ceremony. Praise be to God. People were really in awe! Many prayers were answered as we get calls and reports today. Glory be to God in His Goodness, Mercy and Power. Let us all acknowledge the power of our Blessed Mother's intercession!

God bless us all,

Cora and Danny

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