Cora and Danny Labung
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dear Raffyand Maris, Art and Melba, Frank and Malou, Tita Ampy and Tito Cris and all devotees of the 2000 Hailmarys,

Praise be to God for the miraculous intercession of Our Lady of Manaoag and our own San Lorenzo Ruiz for protecting our hotel building from fire this 3am, the MERCY HOUR. Danny called and texted me from Fresno to pray because the building next to our hotel was on fire and started to spread on the palm trees next to our building. He said the flames were huge, and the hotel sign was starting to be damaged by the smoke. The statue of our Lady of Manaoag was there together with San Lorenzo Ruiz whom they are having novena till his feast day on September 28,2006.(the novena is being held there because they have no other place to bring him). Firetrucks surrounded the buildings, they woke up all the guests. With fervent prayers the Lord answered our prayers through the intercessions of our Lady of Manaoag and San Lorenzo Ruiz. (The picture of the Divine Mercy was there together with the Sacred Heart that shed fragrant oils from the heart, lips and eyes last Sept.8, the Blessed Mother's birthday. With all these holy acts, prayers, sacrifices and complete submission to the Lord, how can we be denied of our plea? Truly His Mercy is outpouring... our building was saved and was spared from being burned. . PRAiSE BE TO GOD FOR THIS UNFAILING INTERCESSION OF THE BLESSED MOTHER AND OUR SAINTS! I was truly in awe when I remember this same story in the history of Our Lady of Manaoag when the church was spared from being burned when fire raged the whole town. This is the same story.

To all of you, please keep on praying, NO PRAYERS ARE LEFT UNANSWERED.

Your praying partners,
Cora and Danny

(Please take note the letters of "Blessed Mother's birthday" are in bold letters. I am not a computer literate, i dont even know how to make bold letters from my phone where im writing this, and all of a sudden her name printed bold, i even tried to change it but it remained. To my surprise the succeeding words went back to original prints. I urge you to pray at this holy moment. Thank God for sharing this with you. God Bless, Cora)

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