Violeta Diokno
Monday, April 30, 2007

I was and am still overwhelmed by the prayer-devotion we had yesterday for Our Blessed Mother. I got up this morning with tears in my eyes over the outpouring of graces I received from her and from Our Lord. By my recollection, it was the greatest thing I have ever attempted to do -- not just for our dear friends Cathy and Pepito-- but for myself. For the entire day, we prayed humbly and reverently. By Cathy's changing reactions from indifference to sheer joys as she sang along with us our Liturgical hymns. I sensed the gentle love of Our Blessed Mother and the flowing of Blood and Water from the heart of Jesus Christ. Not just her -- all of us were healed. Our beautiful Eucharistic celebration and the 2000 Hail Marys did it all.

It was hard work for me -- but surprisingly I did not feel tired. I felt I had the energy to go to work today but I didn't. I want to spend the day just savoring the joys and the peace in my heart that yesterday brought me. I think even my humble home rejoiced -- it became a miniature Basilica of Our Lady of Manaoag. My usually disorganized garage became a venue for an impromptu and joyous fellowship

For joining me in prayers, and for all that you did -- in big or small ways, I thank you most sincerely You gave Cathy and Pepito --and me-- a big piece of your heart. May the love and grace of Our Eternal Father increase our faith and envigorate our love for one another.

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