Violeta Diokno & Danny/Cora Labung
Monday, May 21, 2007

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--- Violeta Diokno wrote:

There's something I haven't told you yet. When we were praying in the early morning-- when only a few people were there, I heard guitar strumming 2 times, every time we prayed HM. First strum was when we said." ... in the hour of our death" followed by another strum as we said "Amen". And it was throughout the morning. Many times I would look back to see if Bernie was doing it but he was not.

I verified this with him days later -- no, he was not doing it. Then this morning after Holy Mass, Efren Hernandez , a very prayerful man who was the earliest to arrive , along with his wife, and stayed till past our morning break, told me that as we prayed he noted a woman's voice, in very high pitch, praying along with us. The voice was to his left, but there was nobody there. He thought he was me -- but then I was seated on the front row. He concluded that the Blessed Mother was praying along with us.

Let's rejoice that we see signs of her presence, that she joins us in interceding to her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to grant us our hearts desire.

I am writing this exclusively for you.

Love from Ate Violy


--- Danny Labung wrote:

Dear Ate Violy


Thanks for sharing this with Cora and myself. In our walk with the Lord, we have seen many miracles. These however are not for us, they are to be shared with others so that our faith is strengthened. It is said that most look for miracles but those with strong faith, miracles follow them. It is written somewhere, that a light is not hidden under the table, but it is put on a high place so that people can see it. Would you let us share your experience with others, even in our web-site.

God Bless

Danny & Cora


--- Violeta Diokno wrote:

Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 19:27:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Violeta Diokno
Subject: Re: 2000 Hail Mary's at my house
To: Danny Labung

My telling you that it was "exclusive" for the two of you bothered me. You just beat me to it. Those incidents, including Titus's and Marla's experience with the 'dancing sun" were clear manifestations of the presence of Our Blessed Mother. Who knows? Some others might have experienced something that they had not yet shared with us. Our Blessed Mother appeared in lots of places -- not just to the "holy ones" but to ordinary people like us. She appeared to children, to consecrated men and women, as in Akita, and also to ordinary people, as in Egypt. Our Lady of Manaoag has manifested her presence in countless ways to people who implore her help, and to those who did not even know her. She makes us feel special as mothers do their own children. Yes, we must spread the good news about OUR MOTHER to all our brothers and sisters.

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