Bernadette Smith
Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Lady of Manaoag, Virgin Mother of God, Queen of the most Holy Rosary, you have chosen to raise your throne of mercy in Manaoag, to be the beloved protectress and patron of the Province of Pangasinan. I sincerely thank you for granting my petition and interceding for me before the divine Son in conceiving and giving birth to my healthy son, Roman Anthony Romero Smith on July 7, 2007. The odds seemed to be all against me, but in your power and faithfulness this miracle took place. Thank you for the baby showers and gifts for Roman, for Ryan my loving husband and father of my son, and the prayers and support from relatives and friends. Also, thank you for Roman's grandparents (Rogelio Antonio Romero, Gloria Pichiarello, Ronald Smith, and Rosario P. Garcia - may she rest in peace) and Godparents (Joanne Castro, Sonny Hill, Stacey Schweickert, and Marty Smith), as they continue witness his growth and provide love and guidance. Thanks to you and Father God for healing my body for having recovered from the challenges of appendicitis and ovarian cysts in year 2006. I believe that these mysterious health challenges opened the path to having Roman in our lives. I honor you and the Lord for your greatness and never ending blessings and arranging things to favor my family. Amen.

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"She is patroness of the sick, protectress of the helpless, benefactress of the needy."
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