Geraldine Abuan
Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last year, my son Paolo Miguel took the high school entrance examinations at UP Rural High School in Los Banos Laguna. My husband and I went to Manaoag and prayed for him to pass the exams with the holy intercession of our Lady of Manaoag. After the exam results were released, our son was on the waiting list, only 125 students will be accepted from the thousands who took the exams. We brought our whole family to Manaoag to pray. After a week, we got word that he got accepted. The whole family went back to Manaoag and prayed and gave thanks to our Lady of Manaoag for helping us and granting our request. Thank you Lord.

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"She is patroness of the sick, protectress of the helpless, benefactress of the needy."
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