Raffy Obrera
Sunday, December 8, 2002

My family (Maris, Ralph, Riza and Rev) started praying the 2000 Hail Marys around 9:30 in the morning of December 8, 2002. We started before the prayer warriors arrived, kneeling in deep prayer as each one of us took our turns leading the rosary.

It was my turn during the 10th petition. I had my habit of closing my eyes while praying and at this time I felt enveloped by a cold sensation. My experience continued until I finished my Hail Marys, which had been unusual because I was inadvertently stuttering.

My wife then led the following petitions. She kneeled accordingly and began her set of Hail Marys. At this point, with my eyes open, I saw white shadows from the Cross -- we hanged on the wall. It emanated on the right side in normal succession. I stared at it; however, the shadows went 45 degrees northeast. I followed it up but it went back to its former position at the right. I attempted to catch it in one spot but it would always alter its current position until the flashes of shadows quickened in rapid motion towards 45 degrees northwest. And suddenly making an abrupt stop to form a magnificent, spotless white dove.

This surrounded me with feelings of peace, love and joy. I had a fulfilling sense of happiness beyond description.

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"She is patroness of the sick, protectress of the helpless, benefactress of the needy."
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