Maris Obrera
Monday, December 9, 2002

On a clear, wintry sky on the 2nd Monday of a December afternoon, Raffy and I rode on the emerald green car to go to St. Michael’s Medical Center, in Newark, NJ. Our weekly task is to give Holy Communion to the needy and sick patients there. On the way, we recited the “Prayer To Take Authority” followed by the Lord’s Prayer, The Hail Mary and the Glory Be. As we reached the stoplight by the “Naninas in the Park” in Belleville, NJ, I moved the visor towards the passenger’s side door so I could cover my eyes from the sun’s glares. To my surprise, as I looked at the right side, I could see the sun spinning. I exclaimed to my husband, “Look, look at the sun!” We both saw the sun spinning excessively fast with the blue color of the Blessed Virgin Mary, its’ shape like the Sacred Host! At this time, Raffy and I continued to travel and he parked by the Cherry Blossoms area close to the senior citizens building. We watched the beautiful, magnificent revolution of the sun with our “naked eyes” – unhurt by its glare without blinking or batting an eyelash. I saw it vividly as it changed its colors, with pinkish rays around its blue color. With utmost excitement, it prompted me to call my friend, Lita G. (from my cell), who also exclaimed delightfully that she saw it from where she was. (Her own residence at Clifton, NJ.)

Around 1:20 PM, Raffy and I started praying the new “Luminous Mysteries” and as we drove, my eyes were glued to the kaleidoscope of the sun’s beautiful colors so that every turn we made; my head turned to follow the sun. I was truly mesmerized by this awesome supernatural experience. As we approached the Sacred Heart Cathedral (now a Basilica), I saw a big shadowy figure of a man with outstretched arms. He was so huge as the size of the Cathedral that I couldn’t help but gasped in delight. Raffy continued to drive and made a right turn to Clifton Avenue, Newark. He stopped to finish our prayers. I cried and cried but these were tears of joy, wonder and awe. I saw the sun becoming smaller and smaller and it became the center of the solid, luminous white rays which formed into a huge cross of light. My eyes were fixed to this phenomena and my face felt warm as I continue to stare at this solar wonder.

Deep in my heart, I felt so blessed to witness this momentous event in my walk with the Lord. I strongly believe that my devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the recitation of 2000 Hail Marys just before that day (December 8 – the customary Feast of the Immaculate Conception) has allowed me to become a privileged soul that has caught a glimpse of God’s mystery, beauty and awesome wonder.

Arriving at the hospital, we met the Polish nun, Sister Archangel at the Pastoral Care Department. Raffy and I boldly recounted such blissful experience of seeing the Cross in the sky. The petite, ever-smiling face of the nun acknowledged and stated, “God shows His love to you both.”

As I served Him joyfully and willingly, I believe, the Lord is very much alive in our midst and active in our daily lives. I felt His “Real Presence” as I elevate the Sacred Host and say, “This is Jesus, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, happy and blessed are those who are called to His supper”. When the sick and needy communicants say, “Lord, I’m not worthy to receive You, but only say the Word and I shall be healed.” I prayed God’s healing grace and loving mercy will be poured out on them as they affirmed and replied “Amen” to the “Sacred Host” as the “Body of Christ”.

Jesus through Mary! Through His loving and faithful Mother who led us back to Him when we stray, when we are lost in the world. Praying to the Blessed Virgin Mother who is full of grace makes our prayers more effective. Like the first miracle at the Wedding Feast at Cana, her Son could not refuse His mother.

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you, save souls!

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"She is patroness of the sick, protectress of the helpless, benefactress of the needy."
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